326th Squadron
Daily Operations Journal

August 1944

1 August 1944
twelve crews bombed airfields in the Orleans-Chateaudun area

Lt. Utt - 848-M with Lt. McChesney, bombardier
led the 40th "A"
reported very good visual bombing results

other crews

Shanks - 005-A
Reifsteck - 217-L
Johnson - 697-N
Clay - 582-D
Lindstrom - 293-B
McCormick - 848-S
Gravelle - 614-H
Spencer - 847-C
Glasco - 156- [sic]
Cooke - 535-F
Smith - 121-G

227-P, 907-J flew with the 407th

opposition nil
light, accurate flak

2 August 1944
weather conditions prevented any operations today

3 August 1944
target today Merkwiller, Germany
synthetic oil plant

nine crews going:

Lt. Utt with Capt. Michelson, bombardier - 848-M
Gall - 614-H
Reifsteck - 217-L
Brechbill - 847-C
D'Ortona - 848-S
Clay - 535- [sic]
Johnson - 121-G
Maltby - 582-D
Hendrickson - 293-B

Capt. Michelson finished up again with 40 missions leading the low group
saw the lead group wasting time on the bomb run
cut his group across, bombed first
With excellent results.
You might say that he stole the target from the lead group.
In one sense of the word, but on the other hand the mission was successful in as much as the other two groups in the wing missed the target.

sweating the ships in out near the tower on the open bomb shelter around six o'clock
325th ship was seen to have black smoke streaming from #2 engine
as four men bailed out on final leg
pilot stuck with ship
as it was settling down on runway it was apparent the ship well aflame and all bystanders were now sweating blood for the boys to escape
as ship finally came to a stop the remaining five men escaped in plenty of time
fire department on the job, but were unable to slow up or stop the blaze

landings then started on the short runway
one ship ground-looped off the end

all crews of 326th returned today with exception of Lt. Hendrickson (293-B)
reports from other crews say that three enemy fighters made desperate attacks shooting the vertical fin from the ship
chutes seen coming from the damaged ship
but as always in the heat of battle, no one is able to calculate the exact number
general opinion was that all crew members had good possibilities

Lt. Maltby (582-D) also hit by three fighters
coming back in such bad shape ship was salvaged
ball turret had direct hit by 20 mm
but Sgt. Davidson able to walk away

only three men had minor injuries
and considering amount of damage it is little less than a miracle

4 August 1944
nine crews took off today for target at Anklam, Germany
Lt. Klyza with Capt. Prasse in 778-U, the PFF ship, led group
Gall with bombardier McChesney (848-M) led the squadron

Hersha - 614-H
Reifsteck - 005-A
Brechbill - 847-C
Lindstrom - 958-K
Spencer - 535-F
Sargeant - 227-P
Bone - 848-S
Thomas - 697-N

hit a F/W assembly plant

light, accurate flak
no enemy fighters
all ships returned safely

5 August 1944
target for today is Langenhagen near Hannover, Germany
Lt. Gall with Capt. Michelson, bombardier (848-M) led low group

Hersha - 614-H
Johnson - 697-N
Reifsteck - 217-L
Glasco - 848-S
D'Ortona - 958-K
Spencer - 396-F
Bone - 156-E
Dunlava - 005-A
and the unused spare, Clay (907-J), returned as no aborts occurred

even with the target afire from the lead group's bombs, Michelson pinpointed the target

flak moderate, accurate
some ships came back with holes

fighter attacks nil

fighter support on these last few months have been carried out by at least 2/3 in number of the bombers strength
are of the three famous types– P-38 Lightnings, P-47 Thunderbolts and the smaller P-51 Mustang, which has carried support into the heart of Germany
by percentage of opinion is the best fighter in the theater

6 August 1944
beautiful weather this afternoon with eleven crews going out
hitting an aircraft assembly plant at Brandenburg, Germany

leading the 40th "C" force were

Lt. Gall and Smyrl in PFF (42-97660-X) with
Hersha - 848-M
Thompson - 156-E
Reifsteck - 227-P
Cooke - 217-L
Clay - 907-J
Sargeant - 848-S
Thomas - 847-C
Dunlava - 535-F
Bone - 121-G
Spencer - 697-N

Major Word was flown to Wharton on his way home for a thirty day rest period

two new crews assigned today
Lt. Raymond L. Kolman's
Lt. Walter E. Krostek's

Lt. Klyza, crew returned after operating from Chelveston-- all future PFF crews leading this group will operate from Podington

opposition today consisted of moderate flak with no ship or personnel damages

7 August 1944
nine crews
flying high squadron off the other three squadrons who fly the lead, low squadrons to form the combat wing

Utt - 848-S
Henry - 535-F
Cooke - 227-P
Brechbill - 697-N
Thompson - 156-E
Gravelle - 907-J
Maltby - 847-C
Clay - 217-L
Thomas - 658-Z

Capt. McCormick, Lt. Rafferty, Lt. Duhamel, Sgt. Harding are part of a crew with 4 new bombardiers from other squadrons to go to Italy for practice bombing where clear weather is available

Captains Stroud, Hall return from southern England after spending an eight-day rest leave

no damage from today's bombing
hitting Montbartier, France
oil depot

8 August 1944
crews going out today to bomb the German lines at Brettebrlle-sur-Laice on outskirts of Caen
British there have been fighting a standstill battle since American lines have cut off Cherbourg, Brest Peninsulas

crews going were

Gall-Gisriel - 848-M
Johnson - 848-S
Reifsteck - 217-L
Maltby - 697-N
Smith - 847-C
Lindstrom - 535-F
Brechbill - 156-E
Clay - 614-H
Gravelle - 121-G

they led the high group

Captains Stroud, Hall, I flew with Capt. Seigle to Grafton-Underwood to visit an old friend
Capt. Stone recently back from a leave in the states

9 August 1944
nine ships flying as high squadrons on 3 groups

one abortion

two separate targets today
Karlsruhe, Speicher, Germany

Thomas - 005-A
Brechbill - 614-H
Cooke - 535-F
Henry - 847-C
Bone - 697-N
Dunlava - 121-G
D'Ortona - 907-J
Lindstrom - 217-L
last 2 ships went to Munich, Germany, but did not drop any bombs

moderate flak
no fighters

all returned with some damage

10 August 1944
group stood down today
no flying

men who have been retained for station defense in the past are being released for reassignment to #12 R.C.D.

1st Division Presidential Unit Citation came thru today on paper
briefly the citation is equal to DSC [Distinguished Service Cross] if awarded individually
it was for the great air battle of 11 January 1944 on the Oschersleben raid
some 250 enemy fighters shot down by the bombers with many probables, damaged
we lost Lt. Lock and crew in 175-M, "Trudy"

11 August 1944
stand down today
but the weather on this side is beautiful

6 ships sent up to practice formation flying
a couple of cross countries

12 August 1944
nine crews flying lead squadron lead group 40th "C" Combat Wing:

Gall-Gisriel - 848-M
Seigle - 848-S
Bone - 227-P
Maltby - 847-C
D'Ortona - 907-J
Smith - 535-F
Hersha - 156-E
Lindstrom - 121-G
Gravelle - 217-L

target Chaumont, France
Luftwaffe Air Park

good results

13 August 1944
crews going up today were

Seigle - 848-M
Brechbill - 848-S
Bone - 005-A
Dunlava - 847-C
Lindstrom - 217-L
Cooke - 299-R
Thompson - 121-G
Spencer - 614-H
Smith, R.A. - 697-N

hitting bridges behind German lines
cutting them off from escape routes on retreats near Seine River

beautiful warm clear weather

Lt Brechbill, crew in 848-S were hit in right wing by flak
seen to explode
no reports of chutes

Lt. Lindstrom did good job of flying 217-L back with parts of Brechbill's ship riding on leading edge of his right wing between #3, #4 engines
it knocked out #4
he was unable to feather it, increasing the difficulty of flying

217 will need an engine change after amassing more than 500 hours on all four without a change

the missing crew
Lts. Brechbill, Schultz; Vance, Crosby;
S/Sgts. Vondrich, Nichols;
Sgts. Thompson, Sands, Hartline

14 August 1944
flying lead squadron, high group to primary target Stuttgart were 9 crews
with it covered by 10/10 cloud the secondary was bombed at Trier, Germany

Johnson - 848-M
Reifsteck - 005-A
Hersha - 156-E
Maltby - 299-R
Sample - 907-J
D'Ortona - 535-F
Thompson - 121-G
Clay - 227-P
Gravelle - 614-H

two ships from other squadrons made crash landings
one running into the 407th Engineering hut
the other a wheels up landing

on return trip Lt. Maltby in 299-R had two engines out
running low of fuel
prepared to ditch, but made it back to English coast

15 August 1944
weather is with us today
nice and clear

9 crews flying as high squadron in the 92nd Group

Glasco - 614-H
Smith, R.A. - 227-P
Lindstrom - 535-F
Dunlava - 156-E
Cooke - 084-V
Spencer - 828-Q
Henry - 121-G
D'Ortona - 907-J
Gravelle - 958-K

target at Frankfurt was airfield
bombed with good results

light flak
no enemy fighters

all returned without damage

16 August 1944
nine crews out again today leading the 40th "C" Combat Wing

Seigle - 022-H, a PFF ship
Johnson - 801-Q
Thomas - 121-G
Sample - 005-A
Clay - 535-F
Glasco - 614-H
Cooke - 847-C
Krostek - 227-P
Kolman - 958-K

target was a tank storage depot at Naumburg, Germany
hit with good results, visually, by Capt. Michelson

958-K was landed at Waterbeach, R.A.F. base near Cambridge
Lt. Kolman took her over the bomb run on 3 engines
brought her back on 2
finally landed her with one running
he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his feat

17 August 1944
a breathing spell today with only some local flying

one new crew-- Lt. Walter E. White

18 August 1944
three ships flew a short mission to Huy, Belgium
hitting bridges behind the Jerry's lines

Maltby - 697-N
Lindstrom - 121-G
Henry - 847-C

no fighters
light flak
all returned

19 August 1944
no flying today

officers having a two-year anniversary party

20 August 1944
steady showers with cool weather
no flying

troops reported in Paris today

standby till midnight

21 August 1944
stand-by till 08:00 [sic] hours
still raining and continuing cold weather

slow time
cross country hop to Bovingdon

22 August 1944
again heavy weather
no flying with another stand-by

23 August 1944
ships all loaded up, ready for take-off
mission scrubbed at last minute

Glen Miller and band played at the Arena
weather clearing up nicely by late afternoon

new ship assigned today
43-38279-- "Alley Oop"

24 August 1944
an excitable day after a layoff
nine (9) crews leading the high group to Merseburg, Germany
hitting a synthetic oil plant with good results

Johnson Gross - 848-M
Reifsteck - 005-A
Hersha - 847-C
Thompson - 120-N
Krostek - 071-P
Cooke - 121-G
Henry - 697-N
Gravelle - 217-L
Kolman - 227-P

weather at target unfavorable
encounters of enemy jet propelled fighters made for much more discussion by the boys on return

all ships returned safely
flak light

seven (7) men completed tours

Sergeants Sidder, Knight returned from France after being missing in action since 8 February

another new crew, Lt. James A. Smith, assigned

25 August 1944
six (6) crews flying as low, high squadrons of low group

Clay - 156-E
Smith, R.A. - 369-D
Thomas - 614-H
Spencer - 559-N
D'Ortona - 535-F
Lindstrom - 121-G

target was the hydrogen plant at Peenemunde

Lindstrom crew missing
last seen falling out of formation with all four engines turning over

other crew members
Davis, copilot
McGeary, navigator
Rosenkrantz, bombardier
Bovanizer, radio
Jodoin, engineer
Dutton, ball turret
Jerome, tail
Lessard, waist
no further report has been received

26 August 1944
leading the 1st Air Division with Colonel W.M. Reid, 92nd Group Commander as Air Commander
going to the heart of the Ruhr Valley
it was presumed that much trouble would be encountered on today's mission

crews from the squadron to make the flight

Lt. Klyza-Col. Reid-Michelson - 848-M
West - 005-A
Bone - 290-B
Cooke - 156-E
Sample - 217-L
Krostek - 614-H

all ships came back shot up as flak was very heavy, accurate

848 had hydraulic system shot out
005 had #4 shot out-- prop windmilling but would not drop off
290 had #4 out also

in 848 Colonel Reid was hit in leg with a sizeable piece of flak going all the way through
on landing two chutes were deployed to create enough drag to pull ship to a stop
and pulling it off runway
thus permitting other aircraft to land

this airdrome at Podington actually spearing has only one good runway

all other crewmembers without any physical damage
pilots Capt. Mahone, Lt. Hersha completed their tour on one of the roughest targets for flak known to the Air Force

as usual, under intense barrage of flak, Capt. Michelson able to comb with excellent results
hitting synthetic oil plants near Gelsenkirchen from 29,000 feet

27 August 1944
following six (6) crews off to Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Shanks - 872-S
Henry - 288-U
Williams - 156-E
Thomas - 217-L
Gravelle - 9588-K

were high group lead of the 40th "B" combat wing on this 10 hour mission

weather very clear back here
but no bombs dropped as it closed in over there

a long mission without results
no encounters

28 August 1944
activities restricted to local flying
so many ships out of commission

weather fair here but contrary on the continent

some practice bombing

two new crews:
Lts. Delfa [sic] C. Beard
Robert A. Bennett

29 August 1944
one new aircraft assigned today
PFF ship named "Calamity Jane II"
flying on the bombing range today

30 August 1944
nine (9) crews flying to Keil, Germany

Cooke - 279-N
Gravelle - 958-K
Sample - 697-N
Williams - 156-E
Spencer - 847-C
D'Ortona - 907-J
Bone - 005-A
Kolman - 217-L
Thompson - 227-P

comparatively speaking an easy mission

31 August 1944
a stand-down today
however, five ships are flying test, practice mission flights